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After you have selected the photograph of your choice, click on “ORDER”, pick your preferred style between Masterpiece (Oil on canvas) or Artwork (Digital Painting on Canvas). Select your painting size, frame and method of payment.

The quality of your artwork depends a lot on the quality of your photograph. In order for us to achieve the best quality and detail on your artwork, we recommend photographs from a digital camera (minimum 3 Mega pixels) taken at the highest settings. The file format can be JPEG or TIFF. When you send traditional printed photos, please make sure that they are visibly clear and in good condition. Please use padded, cardboard envelopes to protect your photo from mailing damages.

We can turn any photograph into a painting however, in this case, we will need you to confirm that you have permission and the rights to use the image.

All modification requests should be specified under “Special requirements” during the ordering process. We will notify you regarding extra applicable charges.

We do accommodate most custom requests. You can order custom size artwork or frames not included on our site by contacting us via email or phone and we will provide you with a quote within 24 hours.

We will acknowledge receipt of your order via email.

Each MASTERPIECE we create is your personalized original art and we want you to be completely satisfied with your painting. If you send specific instructions with your order, we will make sure that they are followed.


If you are ordering MASTERPIECES, it will be completed and shipped within 6 weeks from the receipt of your photograph.

If you are ordering ARTWORKS, it will be completed and shipped within 1 week from the receipt of your photograph.

If you have an urgent request for a special event, please email us or give us a call at 1-877-236-2221 or 1-905-764-7222.

If you are ordering MASTERPIECES, your painting will be real oil on canvas painting. We use high quality, genuine oil paint that will guarantee a long life for your artwork and a great 3 dimensional brushstrokes texture.
If you are ordering ARTWORKS, your painting will have the look of an oil painting but will be printed on high quality premium canvas so there is no oil paint or texture applied.

All of our frame are high quality, real wood frames that are distinguished for their elegant designs and durability.

Your opinion is a very important part of our process because this is your original personalized art and we want you to be completely satisfied with your painting. If you require revisions to your photo, we will send you the revised photo prior to starting the painting for your approval. When the painting is close to completion, we will provide you with a photo of the painting for your review prior to delivery. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We will return your photographs with your finished painting. Due to inherent risks involved with mail, we cannot be responsible for loss or damage to your photograph.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, money orders and personal cheques. For shipping cost, please check our shipping costs available during the ordering process.

Duties and any applicable taxes will be charged by the carriers and will be your responsibility.